Berks buyers grab the best of HFcattle

1 May 1998

Berks buyers grab the best of HFcattle

BERKS herd owners S J B Anderson and Sons creamed off the best cattle at the dispersal of John Ruddles Whistley Holstein Friesian herd, taking 16 and paying the top three prices.

Four cattle broke the 2000gns barrier at the sale, held at Devizes, Wilts following Mr Ruddles decision to relinquish the farm tenancy. Messrs Anderson gave 2400gns for Whistley Tigercat Liz 8th, a third calf cow tracing back to a PI family from the Bobetty herd on the dams side.

Az Al Car Starbuck Valoroso has bred well in the herd and one of his daughters, an August-calved Good Plus heifer from the Emila family, made 2100gns to the same buyers.

Also heading for the Andersons Essay herd was her calf at foot by Shoremar Maverick claimed at 480gns. They completed their top-priced trio with a 2000gns call for Whistley TC Promise 19th, a third calver by Tigercat from one of the herds strongest families. In total 17 "Promises" averaged £970.

Also at 2000gns was Whistley Bookie Promise 25th, a milking heifer taken by D J Carter and Sons for their Wendar herd near Swindon.

Steyning, Sussex farmers Y and C G De Boer took six head for their Wappingthorn herd paying up to 1400gns.

Calves at foot levelled at £300. Cattle milking for spring and summer and giving over 30kg a day were at a premium.

AVERAGES: 53 cows and calved heifers £962 and 17 recently served and maiden heifers £412. (Norton and Brooksbank).

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