14 May 1999


As pressure on farm income intensifies any way of

cutting costs is welcome. Vehicles Direct offers a

gilt-edged way of saving cash

HUNDREDS of people are driving a good deal thanks to Vehicles Direct. This exciting new way to buy vehicles, pioneered by NFU Mutual Finance in conjunction with farmers weekly, has already led to hundreds of business and personal users saving thousands of £s on list prices.

Typical of those who is glad he phoned Vehicles Direct, is Michael Coleman, managing director of Big Bale Company (South) in Hants. "Vehicles Direct has been able to save me literally thousands of £s on the cost of the vehicles I had tried to acquire by other routes," says Mr Coleman.

"I was so impressed that I have now ordered a third vehicle and Im looking forward to taking delivery of it soon." Its not simply the unbeatable value which attracted Mr Coleman. He also values the high level of service and the guidance he received from Vehicles Direct. "The people you deal with know what they are talking about both in terms of the vehicles and the finance products which will suit your needs," he says.

If you want to share in the benefits and savings enjoyed by Mr Coleman, simply call Vehicles Direct hotline between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday to hear a quote for the car or vehicle of your choice.

So, if you pride yourself on driving a good deal and need a farm vehicle, whether its a family saloon or a rugged off-roader, simply pick up the phone today and call Vehicles Direct (0845-6010026).

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