Better than anticipated yields

6 September 2001

Better than anticipated yields

DAVID WINCUP, manager of Moor Farm at Burton Leonard, near Harrogate, has finished combining winter wheat and is now waiting for the weather to dry so they can finish winter wheat and spring beans.

Wheat has been very varied, depending on the date of drilling. September drilled Savannah yielded 10.8t/ha (4.4t/acre) at the start of harvest. "I couldn’t believe it when I got in there but that soon changed when the second field of wheat only did 3t/acre."

Marshall has yielded 10t/ha (4t/acre). Genghis was the worst wheat yielding 7.5t/acre (3t/acre). Claire biscuit wheat has yielded 8.4t/ha (3.4t/acre) and is awaiting analysis.

"A five year average, excluding this year would be close to 4t/acre. This year we will be about 3.4t/acre. This has turned out better than I anticipated, after the awful conditions."

"The weather has been good over the last two weeks, with wheat being combined between 16-19%, which is good for the area. Harvest is earlier than last year. We were still doing beans into October."

Earlier on Optic spring barley yielded 6.7t/ha (2.7t/acre) and has made malting grade.

There are three days left combining 60ha (150 acres) of spring beans and 12ha (30 acres) of spring wheat.

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