Bizon imports offer new combine at less than £50,000

15 May 1998

Bizon imports offer new combine at less than £50,000

A NEW combine harvester costing under £50,000 is now available on the UK market, after AK Imports of Coldstream, Scotland, decision to import the Polish made Bizon marque.

Three models are being brought in: Two are conventional five-straw walker models comprising the Rekord Z058, a basic, no-frills machine costing £47,000, and the Dynamic Turbo 3B priced at £57,000, while the third model -and flagship, at £70,000 – is the BS Z110, which features two threshing drums and a five-roller separation system. "With their combination of specification and price they should be of interest to both smaller arable and mixed farmers looking to contain machinery costs," says Adam Kinghorn, AK Import managing director.

Power for the Rekord Z058 comes from a six-cylinder, 120hp diesel with transmission comprising a three forward/one reverse mechanical transmission.

Drive to the reel on the 4.2m (14ft) header is mechanical with hydraulic positioning, drum and concave setting is manual, as is that of the two sieves. Grain tank capacity is 350 litres (78gal).

The Dynamic differs from the Rekord in that it is equipped with a 150hp engine and is offered with hydrostatic drive. Grain tank capacity, at 530 litres (116gal), and hydraulic reel drive on the 4.2m (13.7ft) or 5m (16.4ft) auto contour following header is also an option.

Operators are offered rather more comfort and sophistication in the range topping BS Z110, which is fitted with a Danish-made cab. Power comes from a 220hp engine, with a three forward/one reverse gearbox and hydrostatic drive. All functions on the 5m (16.4ft) auto contour following table are joystick-controlled and threshing parameter setting for the drums and concaves, and the five separating rollers are electro-hydraulic.

Standard features across the range include reverse drive on the headers, grain loss monitors and hydraulically positioned take-off augers.

All machines come with a seasons warranty and the combines will be sold with a spares box containing £5000 of Bizon components, which remain the property of AK Import.

"Farmers will be charged at the end of the season, based on the spares they have used," says Mr Kinghorn, who adds that arrangements for the carrying out of the work will be responsibility of the user. &#42

Rhapsody in blue. Flagship of the three-strong Bizon range is the BS Z110.

Bizon combine range

Bizon combine range

Model Engine (cyl/hp) Transmission Drum (cm) Separation Price (£)

Rekord 6/120 Mechanical 60 x 128 5 straw walker 47,000

Dynamic 6/150 turbo Mechanical 60 x 128 5 straw walker 57,000

BS Z110 6/220 turbo Hydrostatic 60 x 128 5 drum 70,000

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