Blowing out chaff by machine power

8 January 1999


Banging the drum for engine oil…

DESCRIBED as being especially formulated for agricultural use, Agri 15W-40 from Total is claimed to cut tractor downtime through offering longer drain intervals.

Stated to be suitable for most engine manufacturers, the oil is available in 20-litre (5gal) drums for easier handling and storage. Price £16/drum (0800-919742).

Get tension out of chainsaw tension

RETENSIONING a loose saw chain, a potentially lethal component, is a time consuming operation – as professional chainsaw users know.

A fact recognised by Stihl, whose latest model, the 026 CQT, incorporates a side winged tensioner, which allows the chain to be tensioned without the use of tools.

Power comes from a 3.5hp two-stroke engine and the saw is available with 13, 15, 16 and 18in guide bars.

Stihl has also topped out its domestic range with the 2.2kW E220. Blade lengths are 16,18 and 20in, and it is available with or without an electrically controlled coasting brake.

Prices: 026 CQT £405. E220 £320; £340 with electric brake (01276-20202).

No-jitters jetters wriggle round bend

SHARP bends in drain lines can bring conventional rod cleaners to an abrupt and wrist-jarring halt.

Ridge Tool maintains its KJ-1590 C and KJ-2200 C professional water jetting machines overcome this problem by using a pulse action which, once activated, causes a 1/4in penetrating nozzle to vibrate and push its way around the bend.

KJ-1590 is powered by a 2.2kW electric motor, the KJ-2200 a 5.5hp petrol unit; respective water flows and operating pressures are 15 and 9 litres/min at 90 and 150 bar.

Both models standard specification includes 33m of 1/4in lightweight, flexible hose, 1/4in propulsion nozzle and trolley cart.

Starting prices are: KJ-1590 C £1643.20; KJ-2200 £2912 (01462-485335).

Sticking to it fast and retentively

RAPID locking, sealing and retaining can be achieved with the Permalok range of fast curing anaerobic adhesives from Alansons Industrial Supplies.

Three grades are offered: threadlocking, pipe sealing and retaining. Tests are claimed to have shown range cures within a few minutes, even on stainless steel and zinc, with, says the manufacturer, curing speed improvements of up to 60% compared with other brands.

Prices/50ml bottle are: pipe sealing grade, £10.30; threadlock and retaining grades, £20.50 (01179-711364).

Water meter check for healthy fish

WATER condition, in terms of pH, conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS) is critical to the health of fish – be they farmed or kept in an aquarium.

To reduce the number of instruments needed to monitor these parameters, Hanna Instruments has introduced a three-in-one meter, the HI 9812, which measures pH over the full scale, EC to 4.00 mS/cm and TDS from 0.00-1990ppm.

All parameters are measured using a single replaceable probe, with temperature variations automatically compensated for by means of a sensor.

Price £110 (01525-850855).

Checking out every aspect of weather

WANT to keep a more detailed eye on the weather – without spending a fortune on monitoring equipment?

Campbell Scientific maintain its Basic Weather Station (BWS) accurately records wind speed and direction, plus air temperature and relative humidity over a wide operating temperature range, and is claimed to be cheaper than any other comparable product.

Power comes from a rechargeable battery or solar panel and data can be transferred to a PC through the companys PC200W software package.

Starting price, depending on specification, £1500 (01509-601141).

Blowing out chaff by machine power

SWEEPING out grain stores is an essential chore, which could be made easier with Spaldings Truecraft back-mounted blower/ sweeper.

At the heart of the machine is a 40cc, 2-stroke engine powering a blower capable of producing a maximum air velocity of three km/hr from the blower, says the manufacturer. Speed is controlled by a speed throttle on the blower tube.

The back mounting incorporates a vibration damper and the blower is priced at £399 (01522-500600).


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