Booklet to reveal power savings

2 October 1998

Booklet to reveal power savings

SAVING £400 a year in water heating costs is one area a new energy audit, designed specifically for dairy producers by the Farm Energy Centre, could show where costs could be cut.

Steve Bettany, FEC livestock specialist, expects to launch the dairy farm energy audit in mid-October. It is a simple step-by-step booklet, costing £40, which producers complete and which FEC will study to highlight where power costs might be cut realistically on a dairy unit.

Producers can also buy a supporting reference folder with useful facts and figures for £30 while FEC staff also offer free advice to producers carrying out audits via a phone support line.

One area of potential saving is to install a second hot water tank and power it on Economy 7 low peak electricity, Mr Bettany said at the event. This could save producers reheating water during the day for a second hot wash of milking equipment after evening milking, saving £400 a year for a 250-litre (10gal) tank.

Lighting is another substantial power cost. Replacing five 2m (6ft) fluorescent strip lights with a high pressure sodium lamp will give similar light output for a lower running cost, said Mr Bettany.

Energy audits can be ordered from FEC, Stoneleigh, and follow the launch of pig unit energy audit (Livestock, Sept 11, p42).

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