Brazilian court halts gene beans

30 June 2000

Brazilian court halts gene beans

MONSANTO has suffered a setback to its attempts to introduce genetically modified soyabeans in Brazil, reports the Financial Times.

A court in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, has ruled that Monsanto cannot distribute its GM Roundup Ready soyabeans before research is completed.

The court has ordered Monsanto to present comprehensive environmental impact studies before distributing the soyabeans, reports the FT.

Brazil is the worlds second largest producer of soyabeans and is expected to harvest about 31.6 million tonnes this year, says the paper.

“Much is at stake for the company [Monsanto] and the country,” it says.

“While the ruling can be appealed by Monsanto, it means costly delays and the loss of potential earnings from the products sales.

“The company had hoped to sell its seeds before the planting season gets under way within a few weeks.”

  • Financial Times, page 40

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