Bread-maker joins new UKRecommended Lists

7 December 2001

Bread-maker joins new UKRecommended Lists

By Andrew Blake

THE long-sought goal of a bread-making wheat with a yield matching the best feed varieties is among the highlights of the latest UK Recommended Lists for combinable crops.

Despite the dire 2001 season, trialists have pinpointed 15 new varieties in the lists for 2002.

Potential Group 1 bread-maker Xi19 stands alongside feed variety Access, the highest-yielding winter wheat ever listed, and Solstice a newcomer in the Group 2 sector.

Other notable additions are the appropriately named Winner, a conventional winter oilseed rape outstripping even the best hybrid by 3%, and Pict, a top-yielding six-row winter barley with true two-row quality.

Paying tribute to breeders and the 14 other organisations involved in achieving the results needed to revise the HGCA- and PGRO-funded lists, NIAB director Brian Legge says the exercise proved an "absolute nightmare".

"We had the wettest winter and spring on record, and then foot-and-mouth meant we couldnt get equipment onto farms. Growing a trial is substantially more difficult than growing a farm crop, because the standards have to be much higher."

Not surprisingly yields were much lower than usual. "Nonetheless we were able to get enough results to create data that we believe in and good solid evidence, which enables us to put forward the recommendations."

All 69 winter cereal trials were eventually sown, albeit some in January. "Of the 25 winter wheat trials 21 produced results which we felt were reliable and good enough to use."

&#8226 For full details of the new lists turn to p58. &#42

Six of the best

Breeder CPB Twyford is celebrating the inclusion of six new varieties on the 2002 Recommended Lists – four more than any other breeder. The company now has the highest yielding winter sown wheat, barley and oat. "The 2002 UK Recommended Lists – featuring a remarkable clean sweep for cereal variety yield – clearly demonstrates what a dedicated UK breeding team can do," says managing director, John Blackman.


&#8226 Winter wheat – Xi19, Solstice, Access.

&#8226 Winter barley – Carat, Scylla, Pict.

&#8226 Winter OSR – Winner, Elan, Mendel.

&#8226 Winter oat – Ayr.

&#8226 Spring wheat (aut-sow) – Ambient.

&#8226 Spring barley – Spire.

&#8226 Spring OSR – Heros, Dorothy.

&#8226 Spring pea – Venture.

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