Britain to lose out on poultry

12 May 2000

Britain to lose out on poultry

BRITISH producers are likely to lose out on a predicted surge in domestic poultry sales unless they are allowed to compete on equal terms with imports, claims an NFU report launched at the British Pig and Poultry Fair on Wed (May 10).

Red tape and cheap foreign imports mean British farmers are unlikely to recoup any benefits from a forecast 21% rise in poultry meat over the next decade, the report warns. The amount of poultry supplied by British producers is predicted to fall over the same period by as much as 11%.

Farmers from Hungary, Thailand and Brazil are set to benefit from the boom in poultry sales, says the report. The strong £, swingeing costs and laws from Brussels are undermining the competitiveness of British producers.

The NFU is calling for support and assistance for British producers. It wants help with the new laying hens directive, exemption from the climate change levy and improvements in country-of-origin labelling rules.

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