Brome buster doing well in trials

18 May 2001

Brome buster doing well in trials

By Andrew Blake

NEW grassweed herbicide Monitor (sulfosulfuron) is performing better than last year in the Velcourt Arable Farming Event on FWi.

“The most exciting thing at the moment is the brome control we are getting,” says Velcourt technical director Keith Norman.

Mr Norman oversees the plots originally intended for viewing at the Cereals 2001 event, which was cancelled due to foot-and-mouth, for the online trial.

The product, launched this spring, was tested last season in the companys trials.

“Last year, when we had only sterile brome, we saw much more of a bonsai effect.” The weeds continued to grow but did not seed.

“This year it is completely different,” Mr Norman enthuses. “With meadow and rye brome we have had a complete kill.”

The demo compares full (25g/ha) and half dose post-em treatments, with and without Avadex (tri-allate) pre-emergence, against IPU + Fortrol (cyanazine), also with and without Avadex.

“One 25g shot has certainly done a very good job,” said Mr Norman.

That and the initial half dose was applied at first node (GS31) on Apr 14.

Even sterile brome plants are yellowed, he says. Plans are to apply the second half dose in the run up to flag-leaf emergence (GS33-37).

The initial effects of both approaches were much the same. But with the second split yet to go on Mr Norman expects to see increasing differences.

“There will be a certain amount of recovery after the half dose,” he predicts.

“People tend to think there is just one type of brome, but there are different species and Monitor is more effective on meadow and rye brome.

“On sterile brome it still has more of a bonsai effect.”


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