Brown to set up income taskforces

22 November 2000

Brown to set up income taskforces

by FWi staff

AGRICULTURE minister Nick Brown is set to unveil three independent task forces to examine how farmers can boost falling incomes.

The new task forces will examine the cost of farm inputs, the milk supply chain and the options open to hill farmers, the minister told reporters.

They will be formally announced when Mr Brown meets farmers leaders at a food industry forum in London on Thursday (23 November).

The input task-force is expected to look at the costs of inputs such as fertilisers and pesticides and how efficiently they are used.

The milk group will examine ways to get greater efficiency into the supply chain, while the hill group will look at ways hill farmers can boost their incomes.

The groups will be the latest in a line of task-forces set up by the minister to look at particular problems facing the industry.

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