BSE Inquiry resumes tomorrow

21 June 1999

BSE Inquiry resumes tomorrow

By FWi staff

THE second and final phase of the public inquiry into BSE is set to begin in London tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday).

Lord Justice Phillips, who is chairing the inquiry into the disease and its human version, new-variant CJD, will deliver his opening statement at 2pm.

He will set out the objectives for the second phase of the inquiry to the press and public before witnesses give oral evidence from Wednesday, 23 June.

The phase two hearings will further investigate evidence presented in phase one.

Key witnesses will be recalled and, in many cases, they will be cross-examined.

The inquiry, set up in December 1997, was originally due to have completed its work by the end of last year.

It was then due to report this month, but was given a second extension and is now not expected to report its findings until next spring.

Evidence has been heard so far from more than 300 witnesses and information has been recorded in over 2000 files.

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