Bug-killer in armoury for mastitis

3 May 2002

Bug-killer in armoury for mastitis

A BROAD spectrum intramammary suspension has been added to the Norbrook Laboratories Noroclav range to assist with mastitis treatment.

Noroclav LC is a second-generation amoxycillin product, with a broad spectrum of bactericidal activity against bacteria commonly found in the cows udder, says the company.

It also has an anti-inflammatory action, which is said to help reduce potentially destructive swelling associated with mastitis, without affecting the white cell response to infection.

The product should be administered at a dose rate of three syringes/infected quarter, with a single syringe given every 12 hours. It is available from vets in boxes containing 24 syringes, costing £50-55 (01228-562888, fax 01228-810968).

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