Buoyant trade in finished lambs

By Farmers Weekly staff

INTEREST in ewes with lambs has picked up as the spring progresses.

Young units can make more than 35/life, says Alan Venner at Exeter market, Devon. Full-mouth ewes can top 30/life.

The buoyant finished lamb trade has given people more optimism, says Mr Venner. And some of the early-bought ewes and lambs have proved to be a good investment.

“If you got a unit for, say, 50 in November, the lamb might make again now when its slaughtered. That means you got the ewe for nothing.”

Outfits are grossing from 40 to 80, says Brian Pile at Northampton mart. Farmers, keen to fill their quota allocation, are looking to replace barren ewes.

“At last its beginning to look green and at last the stock outside is looking happier,” says Mr Pile. “But theres a tremendous price difference between the best and the worst ewes and lambs.”

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