Calf double-tagging deadline put back

03 April 1998

Calf double-tagging deadline put back

MAFF has announced that it will enforce the double tagging legislation from Apr 14. From then, calves carrying only single tags will no longer be allowed to move off farms.

Originally, January 1, 1998, was the planned date for the introduction of the legislation. All calves born from then were to be double tagged.

But MAFF allowed a dispensation period so that single-tagged calves could be moved, because the sudden demand for tags overwhelmed the manufacturers and caused a 12-week backlog in the processing of orders.

The backlog has now reduced and orders are being processed within four weeks on average, according to Bob Hattersley, chairman of the Approved Live-stock Identification Manufacturers Association.

NFU adviser Carol Lloyd said the dispensation period would end on Apr 14 and all calves born from January 1 onwards would have to be double tagged. But, she added, MAFF had assured the union that it would judge each case of calves being sold after April 14 without two tags on its individual merit.

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