Canon sounds off nightmare salvo

21 September 2001

Canon sounds off nightmare salvo

AN East Anglian clergyman has warned of a "nightmare scenario" where farming ends up solely in the hands of huge companies.

Canon Richard Willcock, rector of Framlingham, a small Suffolk town, also compliments the French government for its support of small farmers.

Mr Willcock, who decided he had to speak out on behalf of his farming parishioners said he considered himself an amateur in respect of farming matters but could foresee serious consequences from the crises affecting the industry.

"Small farmers are going to the wall, with social and economic consequences which hardly bear thinking about. &#42

"We face the nightmare scenario that in future all farming will be in the hands of huge agglomerations of interests, employing fewer farm workers than ever, and utilising gangs of transient labour when they need to," he says.

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