Cap reform handbook

A FREE practical guide to the issues surrounding the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy is now available for farmers.

The Mid-Term Review Guide, published by Lloyds TSB Agriculture, aims to help farmers understand the biggest changes in agriculture since the UK joined Europe in the 1970s.

Tim Porter, Agriculture Director, Lloyds TSB Group, said: “The process of reform is still not complete, but most major decisions for England, Wales and Scotland have been made and farmers should have received the first batch of forms from the relevant regional agencies.

“The next form to be sent to farmers will be the crucial first application for the new support payment to be returned by 16 May 2005.

“This will determine support to producers for the years 2005-2012 and possibly for longer.

“It is therefore vital that farmers understand the proposals, are fully aware of the implications and are well prepared to complete the application to take full advantage of the opportunities CAP reform offers.”

The new guide is a complete overhaul of Lloyds‘ previous MTR guides, and is available by contacting:

MTR Guide contacts:  

Tel: 01264 334 747
Address: Lloyds TSB Agriculture
PO Box 1806

Hampshire SP10 1BR

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