Capacities rise on sprayer tanks rise in

14 January 2000

Capacities rise on sprayer tanks rise in

LANDQUIP has increased the tank capacities of its front and rear tractor-mounted sprayer combination so that they now both hold 1250 litres.

Designed to create an evenly-balanced payload, the sprayer outfit offers aluminium booms up to 28m and is designed for use with medium powered tractors.

The combination, which features a front-mounted stainless steel chemical induction bowl with electrical transfer switch, can be attached and demounted in under 10 minutes, says Landquip.

The company has also announced that its Pozi-flow distribution system – a system which uses solenoid-operated air valves for immediate on/off operation, is now available on Cropmaster mounted machines.

Air pressure is produced by an on-board compressor and stored at up to 8 bar in a reservoir – it is then distributed to the individual nozzle valves through in-cab operation.

Other features of the sprayer are constant recirculation, intended to eliminate chemical settling, and a no-purging feature – made possible by chemical-charged lines whenever the pump is running. Price for a 20m 2500 litre outfit is £17,760. &#42

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