27 November 1998



16×16 gears

196 litres fuel

5349kg weight

4-cylinder MXC tractors sit between CX and MX ranges.

This 100C is top one of three.

MOVING up to a C-range MX isnt a major size step, unlike crossing the simple-complex divide with Deutz, Massey or New Holland. CX and MX C ranges overlap completely and stop around 100hp, so physically the two are close. But not that close – the MXC is 1105kg heavier and a little longer in the wheelbase.

Drop into the MX and youre immediately struck by the short red 1990s bubble of a nose, which droops a little and tapers back to a smooth rounded console. Strange, then, that the instrument pack is square-dial issue and asks the operator to reach through the steering wheel to swap digital readouts.

The cab itself feels short and wide, putting the driver close to the middle. It duplicates the CX version so shares its strengths (bright, main controls easy to find) and weaknesses (poor threequarter vision, limited stowage space, silly foot throttle), but adds more ventilation capacity and seven air outlets instead of a measly four; air con is an option on both tractors. MXC cab quality feels worse thanks to flimsier panelling and control knobs.

The main console comes from higher-powered MXs, as does the high-set, stubby four-speed main gear lever and its thumb-button four-step powershift. This transmission may add four reverse gears to the CXs complement and bring powershift convenience, but manual changes on the 25-hour test tractor were bad: the stick felt as though someone had tack-welded it in every ratio.

Good-quality powershifting wins back points (a soft-change button helps smooth light-load operation) though theres no mistaking this transmission for anything other than a Case – each shift clacks home, the foot clutch is pretty sharp and at idle theres a constant chatter from the nether regions. Yet out in the field the MXC is impressively quiet with no boom periods. On the road its spoilt by transmission whine.

Case suggests this tractor is for farmers who want sophistication in a manoeuvrable package. The MXC certainly delivers on headlands; the shuttle gives easy direction changes, the turning circle is tight and spool controls are right under your hand. In work, clutchless restarts under load are competent if not delivered with the panache of the Deeres.

The linkage brings a good top link and Waltersheid stabilisers, so only poor lift rod adjusters let it down. Other negatives are the hitch control electronics (as with the CX, these are hard to fathom but competent once set), slow hitch lift when bringing a plough out of work, and flimsily-covered spool outlets which fight easy coupling.

The engine likes to get stuck in on draft work. Itll pull back to around 1400rpm before fading quickly, and is happy to loaf along under load in the 1700-1900 band with the throttle well back from maximum. Yet pulling 12t uphill the story was different; here the MXC doesnt feel strong. The tractors over-average weight counts against it, leading to the tests second slowest average speed. And on the flat, 40kph was hard to reach.

To reap reward in braking took some effort, thanks partly to the test tractors spongy pedal. In fact the powershift can stop the tractor much faster – flick the switch from fourth to first and the box just goes there, irrespective of forward speed. The same goes for upshifts, opening the way for possible transmission abuse.


Handy, mainly quiet tractor that still needs sorting in some areas.



&#8226 Quiet in work.

&#8226 Handy on headlands.

&#8226 Engines ability in mid-range.

&#8226 Smooth shuttle.

&#8226 Good view to linkage.


&#8226 Gear shifting.

&#8226 Fierce clutch.

&#8226 Unthinking powershift.

&#8226 Transmission whine on road.

&#8226 Unexceptional build quality.

&#8226 Illogical hitch electronics.


You gain: Four-speed powershift, electro-hydraulic shuttle, steering column reach adjustment, more hitch lift power.

You lose: Opening front window on German spec tractor and its view-blocking wiper motor, low speed turbo whistle.

Prices: CX £34,420, MX £40,000.

Weights: CX 4235kg, MX 5349kg

Range span: CX 50hp-100hp, MX C 84hp-101hp.

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