Catch the wind speed in your hands

7 August 1998

Catch the wind speed in your hands

AS chemical applications to crops come under ever greater scrutiny from environmentalists and the public at large, it is perhaps as well to arm oneself with equipment capable of informing and recording weather conditions at the time of spraying operations.

Skyview Systems is now marketing a hand-held wind speed measuring instrument which, equipped with multi-directional cups, does not need to be pointed directly into the wind. Wind speed – current, maximum and average – can be displayed a kph, mph, knots or m/sec.

Temperature is also displayed either in C or F and as the current, minimum or maximum attained – the latter two measurements can be recorded over a 36-hr period should it be required.

Weighing in at 131grms and supplied complete with an integral compass, the Skyview Meteos costs £97.50. (01787-883138)

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