Cattle movement records on screen

13 November 1998


Trace elements keep ailments at bay

GUARD against lameness, infertility and rising somatic cell counts by feeding a mix of essential trace elements with Harbro Farm Sales CMZ Fertility lick.

Available in 20kg or 50kg buckets, CMZ Fertility contains copper, zinc, manganese, selenium and cobalt, which, the company says, are associated with sub-clinical causes of cow ailments in both suckler and dairy cows when under-supplied.

Buckets are suitable for all ages of stock either at grass or with self-feed silage systems. CMZ Fertility costs £14.30 for 20kg or £34.45 for 50kg buckets (01888-568882, fax 01888-563939).

Bright and durable mark for sheep

MARK sheep with a clearer, brighter mark which lasts longer with

Si-Ro-Mark sheep branding spray

says manufacturer Cox.

Available in a range of five colours, Si-Ro-Mark spray was found to be highly durable even after two months in on-farm trials in the UK to assess longevity and clarity of mark, says

the company. The spray has also been field-tested in Australia, is

scourable and can be applied to wet or dry fleeces.

Available through merchants,

Si-Ro-Mark comes in 400g cans and costs £4.70 (01207-529000, fax 01207-529966).

Cattle movement records on screen

RECORD cattle movements and keep statutory records up to date with one entry on eBook, the software program from Northants-based eartag maker Fearing International.

Specifically designed for reporting movements to BCMS, eBook provides email access as well as offering a comprehensive cattle management program, says the company. Births, deaths, treatments and movements can be logged and fulfil statutory requirement for record keeping.

eBook reports movements to BCMS and provides a secure log of confirmation messages. Costing £99 including email, the package comes with an introductory offer of a £20 cash-back on Fearing eartags (01604-881491, fax 01604-881616).

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