Cattle rules wont work, says CLA

24 July 1998

Cattle rules wont work, says CLA

LANDOWNERS have branded the new EU cattle tracing rules – due to begin this September – as unworkable. They have called on the government to renegotiate the time limits for passport applications.

The new rules will force farmers to apply for passports for calves within seven days of their birth from Jan 1, 2000, compared with the current 28-day limit.

The Country Landowners Association claims the harsh penalties that will result from late applications, such as the cattle being banned from the food chain, could leave thousands of farmers out of pocket, simply because they made innocent mistakes on application forms because of the rush to complete the paperwork on time.

CLA leaders have urged the government to renegotiate the seven-day limit with the EU Commission.

Three Counties CLA regional secretary, Geoffrey Hopton, said an immediate banning of an animal from the food chain in response to its owner missing the seven-day deadline was unfair and unreasonable.

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