Cell countfall

15 January 1999

Cell countfall

CELL counts in milk recorded Holstein Friesian herds reduced by 9000/ml in the year to Sept 1998, and now average just 158,000/ml, according to NMRs latest Annual Production Report.

Over half of all NMR recorded herds (51%) maintained a cell count below 150,000/ml in that year. A further 26% had cell counts between 150,000 and 200,000/ml.

Milk yields continue to rise, but are the smallest seen in the past four years at just 1.3%, says NMRs Julian Bryan.

"This could be a reflection of producers holding yields while aiming to produce more milk from forage and reduce cost/litre."

Average yield for recorded Holstein Friesian cows is 6846kg with 501kg of fat and protein. &#42

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