Cheaper cultivations

24 July 1998

Cheaper cultivations

"IF conditions allow, there is little point in running an expensive power harrow beneath the drill, when the job can be achieved by using a cultivator/drill combination," says Eric Richards, Vicon sales director.

Developed for growers with light-to-medium soils, the Tilthmaster has been designed to offer users an alternative low cost, one pass establishment system and is based around the Vicons existing power harrow mounted LZ505 pneumatic drill.

On the Tilthmaster, which comes in working widths of 3m and 4m (10/13ft), the seeder is carried on two banks of spring tines at 32cm (12.6in) spacings.

Inter-row tine stagger provides a trash mixing and clod breaking action and both versions, which weigh in at 580kg and 700kg (1276/1540lb), use a height adjustable front levelling board, side mounted soil deflectors and an adjustable rear packer roller. Crumbler roller models are also available.

The 3m Tilthmaster adds £4950 to the price of the LZ505 drill.

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