Checklist for better grain deals

By FWi staff

CEREAL growers have been advised to battle for better trading terms when selling grain, or run the risk of being taken for a ride by unscrupulous traders.

The warning came as the NFU, Home-Grown Cereals Authority and other industry bodies launched the Cereal Sellers Checklist, which aims to help growers cut down on contract claims and allowances, estimated to cost the industry 25m/year.

“No one can afford to waste money on these claims,” said Marie Skinner, chairman of HGCA Market Information. “Even a small deduction can take a farm from profit to loss.”

The checklist contains 12 points growers should consider when agreeing a contract and delivering on it.

Tips include waiving weighbridge charges and knowing grain quality before agreeing terms.

“You can write in the contract that there will be no such charges and if the merchant wants your business, hell accept it,” said Bedfordshire farmer Peter Kendall.

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