Choker for red mites

24 May 2002

Choker for red mites

A DISINFECTANT used by asthma sufferers to kill dust mites is finding a new application in controlling poultry red mite.

Launched at the fair by Microshield Solutions, using Fresh-Shield to control red mite came about through a chance conversation, said managing director of the firm Derek Gray. "We spoke to the Vet Lab Agency in connection with a test they were conducting on dust mites and they raised the problem of red mite on chicken farms."

Trials on poultry followed and the disinfectant proved effective in controlling the condition and was now licensed for use against red mite. "It works by removing the wax coating found on mites and their eggs, dehydrating and killing them."

The product costs £52 for 20 litres of concentrate, which produces 100 litres of usable chemical. &#42

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