Cinnamamide progress

10 October 1997

Cinnamamide progress

PROGRESS is being made with the development of cinnamamide as a bird repellent for use on autumn sown oilseed rape. But it is still some years away from commercial availability.

Earlier field trials by CSL researchers had shown cinnamamide, with the sticker Acronal 4D, reduces damage by wood pigeons. But its persistence on rape was poor. Main losses were due to leaching which was worsened after freezing.

Seven alternative stickers have now been investigated. None have shown increased rain-fastness compared with Acronal although some combinations reduced leaching.

Increasing the concentration of the sticker was an alternative method of improving rain-fastness.

Commercial availability awaits private sector interest and willingness to see cinnamamide through its pesticide clearance procedures, says the CSLs Dr Elaine Gill. A suggestion that cinnamamide also acts as a repellent to slugs may provide added incentive to take the work on, she adds.

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