Circular heaters suitable in dairy

5 November 1999


Caleb sire straws offer milk boosts

BOOST milk yields by using sire, Diamond-S Luke Caleb, marketed by Dairy Daughters.

Caleb, a Norrielake Cleitus Luke son offers 1442kg milk, 36kg protein and 19.1kg fat. He has a PIN of £114 and PLI of £110. Daughters are said to have good feet and legs and udders capable of withstanding high levels of production.

Straws can be ordered via the internet site: and discounts are available for orders totalling 30 straws or more. Straws cost £22 each (01756-748466, fax 01756-749511).

Wall chart checks on calf husbandry

NEED an update on calf husbandry? Volacs calf husbandry wall chart could be the answer.

The free wall chart includes information on calf health, hygiene, feeding schedules, weaning and ideal housing dimensions (01223-208021).

Treated slats for healthier piglets

PIGLETS are vulnerable to infection at birth and just after weaning. Pens and flooring may be disinfected and clean, but once pigs are in the pen, microbial levels increase.

To tackle this, French equipment manufacturer Galvelpor is now incorporating an antimicrobial into plastic slats on the pens floor which is injected into slats during manufacture.

The company says the antimicrobial is highly effective, and claims it has a broad spectrum of activity against gram positive and gram negative bacteria as well as yeasts and moulds.

Treated slats available from UK agent, Golden M cost £8/m (£2.45/ft) more than normal slats, but the company hopes to reduce this difference to £4/m (£1.22/ft) when mass production starts. (01367-718444, fax 01367-718200).

Circular heaters suitable in dairy

IMPROVE water heating efficiency in your dairy with an Inox stainless steel water heater, says the company.

The circular heaters have stainless steel cylinders, casings, pipe work and fittings and are suitable for either circulation or acid boiling water cleaning, says the company.

Heaters can be used in off-peak periods and are said to be well insulated losing only about 1 degree C an hour. A four year warranty applies to the cylinder, and manual, automatic and multiwash models are available.

Sizes range from 200-900 litres and prices start at £590 (01772-620655, fax 01772-620656).

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