CLA:Reform of CAP failed…

26 June 1998

CLA:Reform of CAP failed…

APART from exposing differences of opinion among member states and agreeing a timetable for CAP reform, the governments EU presidency has left the reform process in disarray, says Tony Bailey, policy adviser for the Country Landowners Association.

"No advance has been achieved on CAP reform during the six month presidency," he insists.

Mr Bailey believes the governments efforts to lead the EU have been hampered by the UK stance on economic and monetary union.

"The UKs position outside the single currency has undermined the governments credibility as leaders of the EU in the eyes of other member states." That was particularly concerning for the UK agricultural industry which could lose out on EU compensation payments.

One minor success of the presidency was that the issue of compensation for countries with strong currencies had been kept on the agenda, he added.

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