CLAis to cut red tape

5 November 1999

CLAis to cut red tape

A REDUCTION in bureaucracy and modernisation of planning regulations are key targets for the new president of the Country Landowners Association.

Anthony Bosanquet, the first Welsh leader in the 92-year history of the 50,000 member organisation, blames an avalanche of red tape and the strait-jacket of over regulation for eroding the management ability of landowners.

He told a news conference at Dingestow Court near Monmouth, from which he runs his 484.9ha (1200 acre) estate, that the stewardship and care that created the UKs rich diversity of landscape and wildlife habitats was being strangled. This in turn threatened the survival of a living working countryside.

He promised to work with other farming organisations and the plethora of agencies involved in land use decisions to defend the economic, social and environmental well being of rural areas.

"You cannot have a healthy and prosperous rural environment without a prosperous rural economy, and this depends on having profitable farming at its core," said Mr Bosanquet. "I will co-operate with other organisations to strengthen the rural lobby by building on common policies."

The CLA was able to stand back from the confrontational relationship between the two Welsh farming unions and could see that there was more that united than divided them. He is hopeful that ways can be found to ensure that wherever possible a united pragmatic approach is taken to matters that really matter.

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