Cluster threat to greenfield sites

8 May 2000

Cluster threat to greenfield sites

GREENFIELD sites could be sacrificed to meet government plans to mix housing with light industry, reports the Daily Express.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott wants to encourage cluster developments of light industry which can attract suppliers and complementary services, says the paper.

It claims this strategy means even greenfield and even Green Belt sites may have to be developed in places like Cambridge.

Mr Prescott who is making a speech on the subject on Monday (8 May) also wants sustainable development.

In an editorial The Express says Mr Prescott is right to propose cluster developments even if they do encroach on greenfield sites.

It says: “There is no point waxing lyrical about a green and pleasant land if it means people are without jobs or a decent place to live.”

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that on Tuesday (9 May) the government will announce a drive to keep rural schools open.

Local education authorities will be told that ministers, in the interests of local communities, will over-rule decisions to close them.

At the same time, the Local Government Association will urge rural schools to work more closely to share facilities and consider broader community use.

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