Cold calves a

5 October 2001

Cold calves a


A COMMON misconception is that calves become cold indoors, but as long as they are out of wind and rain and have a dry bed, weaned calves will not suffer from cold.

There is nothing more frustrating for a vet than being asked to treat pneumonia on a unit where buildings are clearly inadequately ventilated, says specialist cattle vet David Barrett of the Glasgow vet school. "Calves are particularly susceptible to inadequate ventilation and the risk of pneumonia."

The biggest threat to very young calves comes from cold draughts, warns Simon Marsh of Harper Adams University College. "Check by sitting down at calf level and there should be no wind on your face."

Where a draught is present, consider altering ventilation to achieve draught-free airflow above calf height, he advises. "Also avoid excess floor washing as moist air will increase the risk of respiratory disease in calves." &#42

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