Compact 4365 offers range of new features

24 July 2002

Compact 4365 offers range of new features

A new model and a range

of updates have been

announced by Agco for its

MF 4300 series tractors.

Andy Collings reports

LAUNCHED last October, MFs 4300 series now benefits from a range of new features – and the addition of the 112hp, 4365 model.

In terms of power rating, the MF 4365 fits into the slot between the range topping 116hp 4370 and the 106hp 4360 but thats as far as the sequencing goes.

The new model, which is described by MF as being a lightweight, compact tractor, is powered by a four, rather than the six-cylinder engine used in the 106hp and 116hp versions. Power to weight ratio for the four wheel drive 4365 is under 34kg/hp (45kg/kW).

Despite having compact dimensions, says MF, the new model can be specified with a linkage lift capacity rated at 5t – making it suitable for such tasks as operating heavy power harrow/drill combinations.

As with other tractors in the 4300 series, the 4365 has electronic linkage control which incorporates a lift/neutral/lower switch and depth/height thumb wheel control.

MF also makes big play of the tractors hydraulic oil flow which, if required, can draw on the combined outputs from the linkage and auxiliary pumps to produce a flow rate of 66 litres/min.

A choice of transmissions includes the 24/24 and 12/12 powershuttle to the 12/4 synchroshift box – the latter used in less demanding applications.

Upgrades for existing 4300 series tractors include a 5t lift capacity for the MF 4345 and 4355 models – a capacity previously only available on six-cylinder models. Tractors with this extra lift are now equipped with a transmission spacer to extend the chassis by 40mm, torsion bars and two 40mm diameter assister rams. A new clutch and flywheel unit is also used when the spacer is fitted.

The extra space provided also allows a larger fuel tank to be fitted – a 143 litre rather than a 127-litre tank.

Other refinements for the 4300 series include use of auto differential lock which is now available for all tractors fitted with electronically controlled linkage (ELC). When the auto mode is selected the differential lock is automatically engaged and disengaged when the linkage raise/lower switch is operated. &#42

New model for the MF 4300 series tractor range. The four-cylinder 4365 is rated at 112hp and described by the manufacturer as a lightweight tractor with compact dimensions.

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