Consumers urged to boycott foreign pork

31 December 1998

Consumers urged to boycott foreign pork

Farmers are urging consumers to boycott foreign pork, bacon and ham so that the best welfare system can be operated in Britains pig farms, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph.

Most producers have already abandoned stalls and tethers – which remains legal in other European Union countries – in advance of tomorrows deadline.

But shops, supermarkets and caterers have been selling cheaper foreign meat produced to lower welfare standards than Britains.

The European Union will ban tethers from January 2006, but stalls will remain.

Marks & Spencer will become the first retailer from 1 January to ban sales of pork, ham and bacon from farms where stalls and tethers are used. Producers are calling for other supermarkets to follow suit.

  • The Daily Telegraph 31/12/98 page 6

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