Cousins rolls low cost option

6 March 1998

Cousins rolls low cost option

WITH the strength of the £ making foreign imports look attractive, Cousins of Emneth has introduced a low cost Cambridge roll range to compete with imported products.

Offering working widths of 6.3m and 7.3m (20.6ft and 24ft), the trailed Sidewinder LT range is based on the firms heavyweight Sidewinder rolls.

Depending on the type of roll rings fitted – 50cm breakers or 50/55cm Cambridge rings – working weights vary from 2.4t to 3.25t.

Sidewinder LTs are three-gang units which use a single-acting hydraulic ram to fold horizontally for transport, to a width of 2.5m (8.2ft).

Equipped with 50cm diameter Cambridge rings, the 6.3m Sidewinder LT costs £4000. &#42

Economy driven Sidewinder LT Cambridge rolls from Cousins of Emneth.

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