Farmer thwarts illegal Covid lockdown rave

A quick-thinking farmer managed to prevent an illegal rave from taking place on his land during the coronavirus lockdown.

The unnamed farmer spotted eight cars parked up near his farm in the village of Claxby, near Market Rasen, at about 8.30pm on Saturday 20 June.

He approached the group and told them to move on before alerting Lincolnshire Police.

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By the time officers arrived on the scene, the group had left and there were no arrests.

A spokesman for Sleaford Police said: “There is an emerging trend for unlicensed music events spreading across the country.

“A rave was stopped in the Market Rasen area before it got going, due to a farmer being alert and aware of what was occurring.

“Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity, especially in large open spaces, to Lincolnshire Police on 101. Thank you.”

Police arrests

Illegal raves have taken place in other areas of the country which has led to organisers being arrested.

West Mercia Police warned anyone considering organising or attending an illegal rave would be “dealt with robustly” by officers and face arrest.

The force’s assistant chief constable, Rachel Jones, said: “We understand people’s frustrations due to the current restrictions, but have to stress an illegal rave is completely unacceptable and we will do all we can to prevent them from happening.

“I’d also ask anyone who is considering attending an illegal rave to remember that Covid-19 still presents a risk to our communities, and attending a gathering like this poses a significant risk to those attending and their families’ wellbeing.”

How to spot and prevent illegal raves on farms

The possibility of unlicensed music events taking place on farms has increased since the coronavirus lockdown, say police.

Landowners are reminded to keep gates secure and block entrance ways to fields to help prevent access to land. They should also make sure barns and other outbuildings are secure.

If you suspect a rave is starting by the appearance of a number of vehicles in a location or access being gained to your land, call 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Suspicious activity could include cars acting suspiciously, driving around slowly looking at fields, outbuildings and barns, and any potential marking of locations, such as paint marks on the road surface or ribbons on gates and in hedges.

Any information about potential raves can also be given anonymously via the confidential farmer and rural crime hotline, set up by the NFU and Crimestoppers, on 0800 783 0137.

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