Spiky rubber mats could help keep fly-tippers away

Sections of spiky rubber matting could help landowners stop fly tippers and trespassers from accessing farmland.

The kits are commonly used at the ends of railway platforms, but maker Rosehill Security reckons they will also provide a decent visible deterrent to unlawful land access – either on foot or in a vehicle.

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Each 1.5m x 1.3m panel weighs 82kg and the top section is coated in 147mm-tall cone-shaped rubber protrusions.

These can be driven on without damaging vehicles but, according to Rosehill, have proved successful in keeping trespassers off private land.

The sections can be cut to shape with a reciprocating saw, meaning they can be laid neatly around gateways and along fence lines.

Cost is £187/panel and they come with an installation kit, though this is designed to fit to hardstanding rather than grass verges.

The recycled rubber panels fit to plastic mounting planks and should last 25 years, according to Rosehill. Rawlbolts can be used for fitting to concrete, so they are relatively easy to move, too.

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