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Fly-tipping affects two-thirds of farmers and landowners, according to a Farmers Weekly survey. Find out more about this crime epidemic and how it has hit farmers hard in the pocket disposing of dumped household rubbish and building waste and get advice on how to keep fly-tippers off your land.

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Ultimate guide to farm security kit

With combating rural crime on the minds of many farmers, Farmers Weekly’s Machinery team has gathered together a selection of high-tech items that could help stiffen up on-farm security.  In…

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8 fly-tipping incidents that wrecked Christmas on farms

Council chiefs say January is among the worst months for fly-tipping, with rogue traders and residents dumping post-festive waste across the countryside. That’s why several councils across the country launched…


5 ways to get tough on fly-tipping - CLA

Seizing vehicles must become the default penalty for fly-tipping as part of tougher punishments for waste crime. That is one of a number of proposals on how to deal with…


Revealed: The burden of fly-tipping on farms

Fly-tipping affects just under two-thirds of farmers and landowners, according to a Farmers Weekly survey. The online survey, carried out in July in association with CLA Insurance as part of…


The story behind the fly-tipping epidemic on farms

Two-thirds of farmers and landowners are hit by fly-tipping each year, according to research by Keep Britain Tidy. That’s a staggering statistic, but sadly one which will not come as…

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Rural landowners demand tougher penalties for fly-tippers

Private landowners are calling for stronger enforcement of legal action to help combat the scourge of fly-tipping in the countryside, after new figures showed a 23% jump in large-scale dumpings.…


10 cattle dead after eating fly-tipped garden trimmings

Six cows and four calves have died after eating poisonous garden trimmings fly-tipped on a farmer’s field in Hampshire. Horrified staff found five of the cows and all four calves…


Poll: Have you experienced travellers on farm in past year?

Illegal encampments of travellers or gypsies on farmland can cause huge disruption for private landowners. The clean-up bill can often be in excess of £10,000 and it’s the landowner’s responsibility…


'Make trespass a criminal offence to stop traveller camps'

A petition urging ministers to make trespassing a criminal offence to stop travellers moving to private land is gaining momentum. Almost 30,000 people have signed an online petition calling on…

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Video: Farmer's camera catches fly-tipper in the act

A dairy farmer is appealing to the public to help identify a shameless woman caught on camera appearing to fly-tip on his land. Joe Tucker, 19, installed a small camera…


Video: Fly-tip victim says his farm has become a 'warzone’

Essex grower Harry Fisher says criminal gangs dumping waste on an industrial scale have turned his farm into a “warzone”. Mr Fisher, who farms 240ha growing potatoes and cereals in…


Tackling the fly-tipping scourge

Fly-tipping is an unsightly, costly and growing menace. Rhian Price meets one man on the rubbish-strewn front line who is determined to bring the litter bugs to book. It is…

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