Rustlers raid Cumbria farm and steal 105 lambs

Police have put farmers in the North West on alert after more than 100 lambs were stolen from a Cumbria farm.

Rustlers took the livestock from the Penruddock area of Penrith between 3 and 12 September.

Cumbria Police said 105 Texel cross lambs were stolen from a farm in the area, which is about six miles from the market town of Penrith.

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The lambs have a tag number UK108296, and the force urged other farmers to be cautious.

Anyone with information should call Cumbria Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

NFU Mutual’s latest rural crime report showed livestock theft increased in 2019, costing UK farmers £3m.

This contributed to an overall increase in rural crime in 2019, which cost the UK £54.3m and represents nearly a 9% rise on the previous year, making it the highest cost recorded in eight years.

NFU Mutual advice

Sheep rustling is devastating for farmers and can cause years of disruption as they are forced to rebuild their stock.

To deter livestock thieves, NFU Mutual advises farmers to:

  • Ensure stock is clearly marked and records are up to date
  • Graze animals in fields away from roads where possible
  • Consider a sheep fleece marking system such as TecTracer
  • Join a farm or rural watch scheme to share information about crime.
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