CTI for future tractors

23 November 2001

CTI for future tractors

IT probably wont be a standard fitment on your next new tractor, but on-the-move central tyre inflation (CTI) moved a step closer at this years Agritechnica event.

German firm Posges and Tigges has been selling such systems for the last 10 years and has about 100 tractors in Germany with CTI. But they have only been available for front axles and then (for space reasons) only on tractors with rack-and-pinion steering.

But a new design shown for the first time at the show can be fitted to all tractors – and even added to existing models at a later date. Bertram Tigges, general manager, was reluctant to reveal too much about the design until discussions with tractor makers have taken place. But he said that the breakthrough has come from using Teflon disc seals that wear out much more slowly than the previous metal ones.

Both front and rear wheels can be inflated on the move and independently of each other. It takes 50-90sec to adjust a set of four tractor tyres from road-going pressures to field ones and 7-8min to go the other way.

But theres no need to sit at the field gateway waiting for the tyres to reach pressure. As Mr Tigges points out, you simple dial in the required pressure when youre on your last bout and the system will automatically stop pumping when the tyres are fully inflated.

Cost is DM10,000 (£3300). &#42

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