Cut a giant swathe

30 November 2001

Cut a giant swathe

IF you are looking for a high-output mower, Kvernelands 6.2m (20ft) Taarup 4062C giant should almost certainly go on your shortlist.

This machine can produce two swaths of grass of anything from 1.2-1.7m (4ft to 5ft 7in) in width, the latter leaving an almost seamless layer of grass across the whole working width. Or it can use the integral side-conveyor to make a single swath of between 1.4 and 2.7m in width (4ft 7in and 8ft 10in).

A third option is to use the cross-conveyor but to put the two swaths close together, giving a total width of 3.6-3.9m (11ft 10in to 12ft 9in).

Transport involves hydraulically folding down two wheels either side of the machine and then turning the whole unit through 180í to put it into road-going mode. Cost of the unit in Germany is DM92,000 (about £30,800). &#42

The Taarup 4062C from Kverneland offers a 6.2m working width.

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