CX upgrades go on with extras for UK

13 July 2001

CX upgrades go on with extras for UK

McCORMICK is continuing its series of CX tractor upgrades by providing the range with a wider choice of build specifications and features for the UK market.

Previously available only on the Continent, the new CX50 and CX60 tractors are equipped with 53hp and 64hp three cylinder engines and now have the option of two or four-wheel drive.

McCormick says the tractors represent a competitively priced option for growers seeking the creature comforts of a full-size CX tractor, but have modest horsepower demands.

Like the CX70 model, the entry-level machines come with a simple eight-speed gearbox as standard, although a 16-speed transmission can be specified. This transmission has a push-button splitter that doubles the number of gear ratios available, while providing smooth gear changes under load. Both gearboxes are supplied with a synchromesh forward/reverse shuttle which is designed to give rapid direction changes.

As with the other CX models, the CX50 and CX60 tractors have an electronically controlled three-point linkage.

Hydraulic pump output is 53 litres/min and maximum lift capacity matches the CX70 at 2040kg.

Priced at £15,873 and £17,609, respectively, the 2WD CX50 and CX60 are claimed to shave £2500 and £3250 off the price of their 2WD equivalents. &#42

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