Dairy farmers told to question benefits of advertising

29 November 1998

Dairy farmers told to question benefits of advertising

By FWi staff

DAIRY producers have been told to question the benefits promised by the planned advertising campaign for milk before handing over any money.

“Farmers should seek assurance that theyll receive the benefits of any campaign,” said John Sumner, policy advisor of the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers. “I cant see how they will.”

Mr Sumner welcomed the go-ahead given by dairy farmers last week for a generic milk advertising campaign, but warned that more than just advertising was needed.

Advertising should form part of a wider strategy aimed at improving the milks image with consumers, he told listeners at the Smithfield Show.

The amount of money spent advertising milk has plummeted from £25 million per annum to a mere £2-£3 million since the deregulation of the Milk Marketing Board.

  • Dairy men back milk campaign, FWi, 27 November, 1998

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