Dairy firms act to boost production

By FWi staff

FEW dairy companies admit they will be short of milk this year, but some are taking steps to boost winter production.

Wiseman Dairies has announced an incentive scheme to encourage its direct suppliers to produce more milk for the last three months of this year.

“Any amount above last years production between October and November will earn 3ppl on additional litres, said Pete Nicholson, milk procurement director.

Dairy Crest announced a similar scheme to raise output from October to December.

It will pay producers 1ppl more for additional volume compared with last year, and the same again for supplies which are over 5% above year-ago levels.

Express Milk Partnership is taking a different tack. The direct supply group announced it is starting a recruitment drive to meet its needs for liquid milk.

It is looking for an additional 200-300m litres, with key recruitment drives in the midlands, north and south-east.

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