Dairy reform could take years

13 January 1999

Dairy reform ‘could take years’

PROPOSALS to reform the European Unions dairy regime could take years to settle, according to one of the biggest milk quota agents in Britain.

The Agenda 2000 reform plan is to retain milk quota until 2006 with a decreasing level of support price.

But its success depends on the export of surpluses to Russia and Asia, quota agent Ian Potter told delegates at the Semex conference in Glasgow.

Because those markets are now importing less, the Agenda 2000 reforms could have to be completely overhauled, he is quoted as saying in The Herald.

Mr Potter forecasted that the review of the quota system will not get under way until about 2004 which would mean it would remain in place until 2010.

Mr Potter was also scathing about UK Government proposals for a 30% cut in milk prices to bring them in line with world prices.

That would mean producers would get just 12ppl, he said, urging for the retention of the current system of milk quotas.

  • The Herald 13/01/99 page 24

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