Damage fear

2 October 1998

Damage fear

YIELD responses in a Norfolk trial this year show the damage seed-borne fusarium can do, warns Morley Research Centre agronomist Doug Stevens.

Treatment of severely infected Riband winter wheat seed gave up to 2.24t/ha (0.9t/acre) more than untreated seed in Uniroyal trials at MRC. "All the commercially-available seed treatments in the trial did well," notes Mr Stevens.

Best results came from Uniroyal seed treatment Anchor (carboxin+ thiram). When co-applied with Mancote manganese seed treatment the advantage rose to 2.44t/ha (1t/acre).

In trials across the UK Anchor gave an average yield response of 15%, worth £66/ha (£26/acre) over the cost of treatment, says Uniroyals Andrew Jones. &#42

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