Danes target Eurosceptic market

2 October 2000

Danes target Eurosceptic market

By FWi staff

THE Danish Bacon and Meat Council is hoping to cash in on publicity surrounding Denmarks vote against joining the Euro.

Advertisements featuring a ballot box with a posting slot in the shape of a rasher will appear in the national press following the referendums “No” vote.

The strap to the tongue-in-cheek advertisements reads: “Theres one thing the Danes will always vote for.”

“With all the high-profile coverage Denmark is receiving in the media, this was just too good an opportunity to miss,” said DBMC marketing director John Howard.

“And we expect many British Euro-sceptics will be toasting Denmark with a rasher or two of Danish bacon.”

This month the Dutch Meat Board launches its biggest-ever promotion in Britain with its “Smash the 1 million Piggy” campaign.

Danish and Dutch campaigns are in marked contrast to controversial Meat and Livestock Commission pigmeat advertisements, which emphasised high UK animal welfare standards.

Adverts showing how European pigs were kept in confined quarters and could be fed to other pigs infuriated Dutch and Danish producers.

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