Dangerous dust cut

23 November 2001

Dangerous dust cut

PROLONGED exposure to high dust concentrations in pig units can be very damaging to human health, says cleaning systems specialists ALTO.

Now, the company has developed a Dust Binding System which it claims can eliminate up to 90% of breathable dust endured by pig producers on a daily basis.

Designed to work with ALTOs 44C3 KSA-1 and KSA-2 stationary pressure washers, the system sprays a very fine mist of water and vegetable oil.

Sprayed four times a day for 20 seconds, the mist attracts and collects dust particles, which then settles and binds to surfaces in pig units.

The vegetable oil is stored in a 25-litre container, mixed with the water through a venturi system and atomised inside buildings using a sprinkler system. After dust "binds" to surfaces, it can be washed away with plain water using a pressure washer, and be set up to work in a number of different pens inside pig units at once, says ALTO.

The company claims it is possible to "dust-bind" in two pens, wash down in a third by disconnecting the oil injector – together with soaking a fourth pen.

A sensor-controlled temperature facility also enables livestock to be showered with water mist to reduce the ambient air temperature in pens on hot days. &#42

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