Debut at the double

29 September 2000

Debut at the double

KUBOTA has launched two new tractors in to the 30hp to 40hp compact tractor sector. The STa-30 and the Sta-35 Alpha series models now replace the 29hp ST-30.

Powered by three-cylinder water-cooled diesel engines, the new tractors are claimed to exhibit low weight, compact dimensions and good manoeuvrability. Transmission comprises a three-speed hydrostatic unit with a top speed of 30kph and lift capacity of the three point linkage is rated at 1150kg.

Included in the specification as standard is Kubotas Bi-Speed Turn system which automatically speeds up the front wheels when turning to produce faster, tighter turns with out undue surface scrubbing.

The latest system though, uses a push button electro-hydraulic engagement together with a speed detector which disengages Bi-Speed-Turn when speeds exceed 5.5mph.

Prices of the STa-30 and STa-35 start at £13,400 and £14,300 respectively. &#42

New addition to the Kubota compact tractor range – the 30hp STa-30.

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