Debut for Dowdeswells reversible Delta plough

19 August 1997

Debut for Dowdeswells reversible Delta plough

Good weather and a vast array of cultivation equipment helped draw the crowds at Cultivations 97 last week. Geoff Ashcroft was there

Cultivations 97, held at Shuttleworth Farms, Biggleswade, Beds, presented an opportunity for many to see the latest cultivations and drilling equipment in action.

Despite the current emphasis on surface cultivations – with more than one company offering advice on the systems and equipment to use – there clearly remained a deep interest in more conventional cultivation techniques.

Being put through its paces for the first time was Dowdeswell Engineerings latest plough, the 130 series Delta Furra model, available in five- and six-furrow versions.

Said to meet the demand for a fully mounted, heavy-duty reversible for tractors up to 260hp, the 130 series offers manual (MA) or hydraulic (HA) furrow width adjustment from 30-50cm (12-20in). Point-to-point clearance is 91cm (3ft).

HA models use a memory sensor on the furrow width adjustment ram and this is linked into the hydraulic system used for the turnover mechanism. As the plough starts its turnover sequence, the furrow widths are automatically reduced to the minimum setting. When turnover is completed, the furrow widths are restored to the setting being used.

"It is a system which reduces the forces exerted on the back of the tractor and also improves the life of the ploughs headstock," explains Dowdeswells sales manager Mike Alsop.

Common to all models of the 130 series Delta Furra plough is an improved shear bolt protection system on the plough legs. Redesigned trip angle geometry now moves the leg sideways and rearwards, instead of straight back, placing less stress on the frog and leg bracket assembly.

Price of the six-furrow 130 series with hydraulic furrow width adjustment is £16,566.n

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